Estafa Vs B.P.22 – What Is the Difference?

We’re pretty sure there’s a point in time that you became party to a transaction, either as payee or payer. Of course as payee, receiving cash is much preferred as you are sure that your payment was given to you in full sans any further action needed from your end. Now as payer, issuing a

Can I Face Criminal Charges for Writing a Bad Check?

When a person writes a check and presents it to a bank or merchant, and does so knowing that their bank account cannot cover it, they are committing a crime called check fraud. Passing a bad check can be defended in court by claiming “you did not know” if the state cannot prove intent. This

Types of DUI Charges and Possible Enhancements

Drunk driving and intoxicated driving charges are very serious, and the law uses such cases to set an example. The penalties and laws surrounding such charges vary from state to state, as do the possible enhancements that can increase the severity of the charges. Possible Enhancements Potential enhancements depend on several factors, but the most

Rights and Duties of an Advocate

Introduction An Advocate in this sense is an expert in the field of law. Distinctive nations’ lawful frameworks utilize the term with fairly varying implications. The wide proportional in numerous English law-based wards could be an advocate or a specialist. In any case, in Scottish, South African, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Polish, South Asian